The Gut-Brain Axis, why taking care of the gut is the most important for brain health?

Gut-brain axis is not often at the forefront of people’s mind when talking about brain health. One of the most common denominators for brain health is inflammation, and unfortunately taking Fish oils just does not seem to be enough. This is why being aware of infections is imperative. Not only are we talking about dysbiosis and leaky gut, the new paradigm shows us how leaky gut leads to a leaky brain. There have been several studies done that directly link infections to certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD etc. unfortunately, there is just not enough awareness of the impact an infection can have on your brain health.
The main topic will be explaining what the gut-brain axis is, and linking some common symptoms such as chronic fatigue and depression to the pathogenic cycle that is not being broken due to not addressing the gut.

Aletta Sørensen

Aletta is a Registered Nutritionist that has finished her education in the UK. She is now undergoing her Master Degree with MU University in London, with a focus on inflammation and auto-immunity. She has had over 8 years of practice, seeing patients from all over the world, but particularly people in Denmark, UK, Iceland and Romania. She is also a mentor and has offered mentoring through several associations, to help fellow practitioners get better results in clinical practice, especially when dealing with complex cases. She has formulated different supplements, she has been published in different publications including a Romanian Journal, and she has created several courses that teach practitioners how to approach different diseases that are prevalent in clinical practice.