Holisan Lezing: Ayurvedic Alternatives for Antibiotics, Painkillers and More

zaterdag 31 oktober 2020, 10u00 tot 17u00

Ayurvedic alternatives for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, pain stabilizers and more

 The use of both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers and non-steroidal medications is frequently recommended in a conventional medical practice. This lecture is a review of the biochemical pathways of inflammatory pain, the potentially serious side effects of painkilers, non-steroidal drugs and commonly used and clinically studied natural alternative antibiotics, pain stabilizers and anti-inflammatory supplements.

The single herbs, complex herbal formulas and dietary supplements may offer a safer, and often an effective, alternative treatment for chronic and degenerative pain conditions, pain relief in short term and also for long-term use.

 Naveen Gupta, an Ayurveda physician qualified from India and now practicing as an Ayurveda Practitioner in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland will discuss, Ayurvedic Alternatives for Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatory, Pain stabilizers & more.

 Deze lezing is in het Engels/ This lecture will be in ENGLISH!


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Docent / Speaker:          Naveen Gupta

Prijs/ Price:                    15,-

Datum/ Date:                 31-10-2020

Tijden / Timing:             10:00 uur – 17:00 uur

Locatie / Venue:             Holisan BV, Merwede 30, 8226 NA  Lelystad