The International Nutrition Company (INC).

Invented by Prof. Em. Jack Masquelier, and under his exclusive permission and authority, INC supplies the MASQUELIER's® branded ingredients and products around the world. Though marketed exclusively as food supplements and skincare preparations, MASQUELIER's® products contain the exact same active compounds that Professor Masquelier originaly developed as French herbal medicines. INC focuses its entire activities on expanding Professor Masquelier's legacy to all parts of the world.

INC's Mission

'To offer people nutritional support and benefits that can help them attain and maintain excellent physical health during all phases of life.' Good physical health is not a goal in itself. It is a fundamental prerequisite that must be 'in place' to enable people to reach their fullest potential. After all, the human mind has less difficulties in functioning when one's physical health is in good shape. Hence, provided that macronutrients are amply available to everybody, the presence and availability of ideal amounts of a wide variety of micro- and phyto-nutrients in the human diet are crucial factors that determine whether 'quality of life' can come into existence. In foods and food supplements, but also in topical applications, micro- and phyto-nutrients that score highest in 'essentiality' are the ones that are safe, bioavailable, biocompatible and efficaceous in the broadest possible range of physiological processes. The MASQUELIER's® food supplements and skincare products eminently fulfill these requirements.

INC's Vision

To become a worldwide recognized brand in the field of high quality life-care consumer products, with over 1 million daily committed consumers worldwide. To grow to this level through constantly seeking the highest attainable availability of MASQUELIER's® products to consumers in all open markets. We will achieve this by making optimal use of the given local setting and partnership relation, by providing direct support and optimal communication to consumers, by maintaining integrity and authenticity and keeping the original products the same and working.

Living Well

At INC living well comes by taking responsibility for yourself and your environment. Always reaching for complete understanding of what our products really do for our customers and our partners, is how we bring the highest quality for consumers seeking to live well. MASQUELIER's® the science of living well.. Naturally.